COVID is rapidly impacting every aspect of tea. To discuss how our favorite drink is changing, join us for a conversation with a diverse panel of tea industry experts including Kevin Gascoyne of Camellia Sinensis, Noli Ergas of Sugimoto, Muskan Khanna of Tea Studio, Mo Sardella of G.S. Haly Company, and Bianca Shah of International Tea Importers. The panel will be moderated by Raj Vable of Young Mountain Tea . Bring your questions, because we’ll have plenty of time for interacting with the panelists!

Panel: COVID's Impact on Tea - 7/16/20 - 9AM-10:30AM PDT

  • Kevin Gascoyne (Tea Taster @Camellia Sinensis)

    British tea taster Kevin Gascoyne started buying tea in Asia in 1989. Today he is one of 4 taster/owners of Camellia Sinensis and partner/director of the Tea Studio. He runs two tea schools, is a Director of the Canadian Tea Association, and co-founder of the Tea Masters Cup Canada. He talks about tea for a wide variety of audiences all over the planet. According to his colleagues his daily tea consumption compares to the flow of some small rivers.


    Noli Ergas (Account Manager @Sugimoto)

    Starting with a love of southern sweet tea, Noli’s time living in Japan opened him up to the world of the pure leaf. His interest led him to become one of the few foreign nationals certified as a Japanese Tea Advisor, and he’s been sharing his knowledge and passion through tea festivals, professional conferences, and podcasts.


    Muskan Khanna (Manager @Tea Studio)

    Following her father’s passion for tea, Muskan runs and manages the Tea Studio, a speciality tea factory in the Nilgiri mountains of South India whose workforce is 100% women.


    Mo Sardella (Marketing Director, G.S. Haly Company)

    Mo Sardella has been working in the Specialty Tea Industry since 1998, where he began his career at Peet’s Coffee and Tea based in Berkeley, CA. Since then, Mo has focused on tea education programs, helping to maintain the consistency and quality of Specialty Tea available to North American consumers. Mo joined The G.S. Haly Company in 2010, where he continues to refine his knowledge and excitement about specialty teas from traditional tea producing areas around the world.


    Bianca Shah, CEO, International Tea Importers

    Bianca was born and raised in the tea industry to tea pioneer Devan Shah and tea room proprietor Reena Shah. She went to school in Rochester, NY at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Business Management. Staying true to her roots, she is now the CEO of International Tea Importers in California.

  • Raj Vable, Founder, Young Mountain Tea

    Raj has been confounded by the leaf since his first transcendental encounter with white tea in 2010. Three years later, he started Young Mountain Tea to bridge his budding tea obsession with his interest in traveling in the mountains and previous experience creating job opportunities in rural India. He revels in working across cultures.