If you’ve ever felt soothed by the warmth of a cup of tea, you have felt the power of what tea can do for your wellbeing. In this workshop, learn how meditating with tea calms the mind, grounds the body, and connects us to our senses. We’ll explore what a tea meditation practice looks like, discussing details like setting up a space at home, scheduling, items you may wish to use, and appropriate teas to consider. This workshop includes both lecture and guided meditation exercises.

Intro to Tea Meditation Practice - 7/12/20 - 12PM-2:30 PT

  • Suzette Hammond ("Sooz") is an award-winning teacher and professional tea trainer. Since 2003, she has been working with leading tea companies, trade organizations and non-profits across the US. She is the founder of Being Tea - an education-focused business offering customized tea workshops, interactive online learning programs, professional Teacher Training, and client project support.