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Tiny Tea: Brewing Smaller Servings (Virtual Class)

Tiny Tea: Brewing Smaller Servings (Virtual Class)


You won't want to miss this unique and practical class! There is a particular skill in tea that is essential for both beginners and more experienced folks: how to brew just one small cup. The very smallest portion of tea that is practical to sip, without waste. Our instructor and Inclusivity Sponsor for TeaFestPDX, Suzette Hammond of Being Tea, calls this "tiny tea."

Why would we need to learn this?
– To handle brewing several teas at once for comparing side-by-side, without being overwhelmed.
– To enjoy little leftover "scraps" of tea (1-3g) instead of just tossing them out.
– To make taking a brief tea break during the day with just a single fresh cup more possible. (the ultimate spot of tea!)
– To save more tea/money without sacrificing taste or quality. (ie: not everyone wants to brew 5-8g of tea in an expensive gongfu session and burn through all their tea so quickly)

While we will touch on specific teaware that can be helpful, you do not need anything special to join. This is a skills building class, not a teaware class, so it will be useful no matter the size of your everyday teaware! 



  • Presenter Bio

    Suzette Hammond ("Sooz") is an award-winning teacher and professional tea trainer. Since 2003, she has been working with leading tea companies, trade organizations and non-profits across the US. She is the founder of Being Tea - an education-focused business offering customized tea workshops, interactive online learning programs, professional Teacher Training, and client project support. Her teaching style centers on fundamentals of sensory-based adult learning, addressing accessibility issues, and promoting psychologically-sensitive teaching methods. Being Tea is this year's Inclusivity Sponsor, and we are incredibly grateful.

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