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Volunteer The day of the festival

Thank you for your interest. We are happy to report that all our volunteer position have been filled! If you wish, you can still fill the form below and we will keep you on a wait list for last minute volunteer positions which might open up.

Thank you all for the help and support! We are excited to see you at the World Forestry Center July 22nd.

Being a day of volunteer is a rewarding and rich experience. If you say yes to being a day of volunteer, you will experience the richness of the festival for free, while helping with ticketing, entrance to classes and presentations, assisting vendors, making sure presenters have a continuous flow of hot water, and more.
No special skills required, just a willingness to serve and a heart for all things tea! Each volunteer shift is four hours. This is the perfect length of time to truly contribute and help us make sure things run smoothly while also being able to enjoy the festival yourself. Below are specific areas of focus for the day of:

- Presentation area
In the different cultural areas there will be 45 minute classes presentations and tea ceremonies from the tea regions of Japan, China, India, Nepal, Britain, and others. Volunteers in these areas will will help ferry water, check in participants and support presenters in getting anything they need. You get to sit in on these presentations with the caveat that you may be asked to get up and assist with something during.

Registration and Merchandise Booth

Like interacting with new faces? Be the volunteer who helps festival goers with admission, purchasing classes and selling merchandise. If smiling and greeting gets you going, we need you here!

Tea plaza area

We need several volunteers to support the mobile tea houses of the Jasmine Dragon Tea Lounge and Rabbit Moon Tea Arts, musicians performing on the plaza, and people pouring tea on the plaza tea lounge.

Vendor Booths Area

Help ferry water for the vendors and support their needs. This area has a vendor booth coordinator who you will be reporting to and who will support you.


Floaters will fill in gaps as needed and help the overall flow of the event!

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